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Microsoft Can’t Quite Invade VMworlds; Attacks from Outside!

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

As a huge VMware fan, I hate to see this, but I’ve gotta give the big MS credit for this ballsy move. On Tuesday, Microsoft took out a full page add in the USA Today paper. This may not seem like much, but its the same paper dropped at the door of almost every VMworlds hotel goer. The add tossed jabs as VMwares cost, three year commitment and cost of labor to support. ┬áThe letter can be seen below:

While its no POKER CHIP FIASCO, this and other recent events, such as the Dell & HP bidding war for 3PAR, make it evident that multiple companies are going all in on cloud computing, and will do whatever it takes to win your business. On the upside, it makes you feel good to be on the ground level of this technological tidal wave.