Here are a few other blogs that I follow. The authors of these blogs certainly know their stuff, and I rely heavily on their knowledge and opinions. These are just a few of the blogs I follow and by no means is so say there arent other blogs worth reading. If I have missed your blog, I appologize. Feel free to shoot me your link and if I feel it contains good information, I’ll definately add it on the list.

Yellow Bricks – Virtualization blog managed by a virtual guru, Duncan Epping.

Scott Lowe’s Blog – Scott Lowe is a very knowledgable and respected professional in the virtualization field.

Jason Boche’s Blog – Jason’s Blog provides lots of information on a range of topics related to virtualization.

Virtualization Pro – The blog site of Andrew Kutz, Eric Siebert, David Davis, Hannah Drake and more sharp guys.

Frank Denneman’s Blog – Frank Denneman’s site is the go to place for Resource Management knowledge with VMware.

Brian Madden – The spot for all things virtualization with the uncut opinion of Brian Madden and team.

Thin App Blog – Edwin Friesen’s blog focusing on Application Virtualization

XenApp Blog – Blog focusing on virtualization with Citrix maintained by Trond Eirik Haavarstein.

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