Virtual Blocks is a personal career blog maintained by myself, Dustin Pike. The topics discussed here mainly deal with Virtual Administration and Virtualization with a heavy focus on VMware and Citrix. I decided to name the site Virtual Blocks, because Virtualization has become the building blocks of my career.

A little information about me, my name is Dustin Pike. I’m 25 years old and I’m Technical Engineer III with the Virtualzation Engineering Group, for TD Bank, N.A. I’ve worked in IT for 7 years now, starting young and moving about quickly to learn as much as I could in search of a permanent direction in IT. And then I was introduced to virtualization, and from there my career path began. I’ve been working with virtualization, specifically VMware and Citrix products for over 3 year now. I am a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) in both Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) and vSphere. This blog will focus on issues concerning application, desktop and server virtualization that I encounter during my day-to-day work.

VMware Certified Professional

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions of any other persons or companies.

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