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Alive and Well, but Very Busy!

August 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know that I am alive and still working on this blog. This year I’m lucky enough to attend VMworld in Las Vegas. Its been a busy few weeks planning my event schedule, and meetings with vendors and fellow Virtualization Enthusiast. I will do my best to post each night about my daily events. I know things have been quiet around here. I have also been settling into my new role and starting to get involved in some projects, including a complete migration to ESXi on vSphere 4.1U1.

Now that I’m getting settled in, I plan on putting more time back into this blog to continue to share knowledge and the experiences I deal with during my current and future projects. I’ll also be absorbing as much info as I can at VMworld so I can pass on some of the knowledge and all the experiences I have at this amazing event.

Thanks again for your continued support of this endeavor.

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A New Look and a Thank You

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, its been about a year since I created Virtual Blocks and things have picked up around here. I decided to step things up and add a new theme that has a cleaner, and more professional look. I also plan on trying to knock out at least one post a week. I’ve got a couple of items half-written now, including a write-up on my impressions of XenClient based on my recent experience with it. I hope to publish that article this week.

All and all I wanted to thank all my readers who visit my site. I started this blog as a place to put my thoughts and experiences based on my day-to-day so I’d have a place to go back and refer to them. I’m glad to see that to this day, that people have looks at my site almost 1,000 times and have hopefully benefited from my information.

Thanks again for all the support.