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VMware View Client for iPad: Now with a Hint of Apple Flavoring

Just moments ago, VMware announced the View Client for the iPad.

VMware View iPad Client

While a bit behind the ball, and a lot later than I thought it’d be after the demo at VMworlds 2010, VMware has finally gotten in the game with Citrix to compete on the tablet market.

The iPad client is fully support on both WiFi and 3G and of course, utilizes the PCoIP protocol. Support also extends to bluetooth and dock connected keyboards, as well as support for the iPad VGA Adapter. This realistically makes it possible to go iPad full-time in an environment with a stable View setup. And for when you are away from your dock and on the go, VMware has included custom gestures to interact, including gestures for click, select, drag, and pulling up the soft keyboard.

I will post a detailed review once I get some hands on time with the client. I’m just glad to see VMware finally get in the tablet game and hope they continue to improve and expand its offerings. (*coughvSphereClientForIPadcough*)

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Faster Configuration of Citrix Receiver

Earlier I posted about Citrix Receiver for the iPad. Well, it seems a few folks are interested here at my work, and we have begun a pilot of Receiver on Apple Mobile products, including the iPad and iPhone. So far, we’ve rolled the system out on three iPads, including my own, and will start on iPhones next week, with mine being the first.

I found this really neat web utility that makes it super fast to configure the Citrix Receiver once it is installed on the mobile device.

All you need to do is fill in the info and it will output a URL link for the user to open on their device to configure the Citrix Receiver with a workspace setup for your Citrix Environment.

The output of the configuration link for the above example configuration was:


This utility can be found HERE

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