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Another Year Older Today…Still No Wiser

Today I turned the ripe young age of 25. I guess I could take the time to reflect on the past year and my life in general, but no need to bore you with that. I just want to thank the people who have supported my blog by following and reading. Things are still in its infancy, along with my career, so its nice to see the support of the community. Thanks again.

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Why I Should Go To VMworld 2010 – Letter to your Boss

It’s that time again where we are all scrambling to justify to our companies to send us to VMworlds 2010. This year, VMware has taken the time to do the dirty work for you, creating a justification letter template for you to quickly fill out and shoot to your manager, which will hopefully gain you approval to attend.

So for those of you not lucky enough to win a Free Pass to VMworld courtesy of Jason Boche and friends, you can snag the letter template from VMware HERE. I have submitted mine, and pending approval from my management, I hope to see you all there.

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VMware Issues Generic Timetable for ESX Phase Out

VMware has issued an ultimatum. Move to ESXi soon or be left behind. As anyone in tune with the VMware world knows, vSphere 4.1 was released yesterday. In the release notes, VMware stated:

VMware vSphere 4.1 and its subsequent update and patch releases are the last releases to include both ESX and ESXi hypervisor architectures. Future major releases of VMware vSphere will include only the VMware ESXi architecture.

This has been a long time coming and should not be a shock to anyone, although this is the first time VMware has given any sort of deadline. I guess this means the majority of us will be rebuilding our company labs and truly testing migrations from ESX to ESXi.

All the info on vSphere 4.1 can be found HERE.

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Faster Configuration of Citrix Receiver

Earlier I posted about Citrix Receiver for the iPad. Well, it seems a few folks are interested here at my work, and we have begun a pilot of Receiver on Apple Mobile products, including the iPad and iPhone. So far, we’ve rolled the system out on three iPads, including my own, and will start on iPhones next week, with mine being the first.

I found this really neat web utility that makes it super fast to configure the Citrix Receiver once it is installed on the mobile device.

All you need to do is fill in the info and it will output a URL link for the user to open on their device to configure the Citrix Receiver with a workspace setup for your Citrix Environment.

The output of the configuration link for the above example configuration was:


This utility can be found HERE

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