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Single Points of Failure

Single Points of Failure. We all know and fear them. It’s the one thing that can bring our infrastructure to its knees, and it’s what we as engineers, architects, and consultants strive to avoid in our environment. Any seasoned technical professional can quickly identify and remediate a single point of failure in the infrastructure, but I’ve noticed a lot of people overlook one huge single point of failure in their environment.

Recently, it was announced that the company I work for was being bought out and that we would enter a merger. Obviously, some people felt the risk was too great and have decided to move on to new opportunities. During this exodus, I’ve noticed a lot of people spending their last two weeks documenting and offloading their knowledge of some aspect of the environment because they were the only ones up to that point who knew it. Being the sole holder of a piece of knowledge about your environment creates the biggest single point of failure of all, yourself. Read more…