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Transitions and Reflections

I wanted to put together a quick post to let everyone know where I’ve been and what has been going on. Its been over a month since I’ve added any new content to the site, and while I have a lot of great things coming, they are being put second to some recent developments. The reason for my lack of additions to the site is that I have been offered and accepted a position with TD Bank, N.A. as a Technical Engineer III for Virtualization Engineering. Over the next month, as my old company completes the merger and conversion of systems to our new company, I will transform and transition into my new role. That said, the conversion activities have gobbled up a large amount of my time between projects, travel and still trying to keep things together. I am very excited about my new role, and please to know that an entire group to head virtualization in the US was created specifically for myself and my colleagues to build and tie together the direction of that technology and move it forward.

Things may be bleak around here until I get through conversion and things settle down. I do have a lot of content in the works, both of technical and conceptual natures that I hope to share shortly. We all know the struggles of balancing work, our personal lives and relationships, as well as our hobbies, such as my blog. I do want everyone to know I do remain committed to keeping this project going and add as much to the virtualization community as I can. I sure know I get a lot from others in the community and its nice to give back.

On a more exciting note, I also received word that I will be attending VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, NV this year. I am looking forward to the huge amount of information and fun activities that come along with great events like these.

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and respond to the content I post here. This start out as a place for me to store my thoughts on many topics, as well as resolutions to problems I had found. It has since grown faster than I thought it would, with weekly visits averaging around roughly 150. I am also getting involved in discussions on other blogs and have since met a lot of very knowledgeable people, both through the digital and the real world. I look forward to continuing to grow those relationships, as well as meeting many new people.

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